Monday, July 25, 2011


Sometimes a girl makes a mistake.

I feel the need to blog about it. (Stay with me here.)

First of all, let me clarify that this mistake is COMPLETELY my fault. Completely.

At the end of April, I found out about a special code that the company, Jewelmint, was running. In a nutshell, you could get a piece of jewelry for $9 with a special code. Sweet! I bought a super cute necklace and told everyone I knew to do the same.

Skip to last night. Husband was reviewing our finances. I never participate in such matters. (I know, I should.)

Husband: Lindsey, what is Jewelmint?

Me: Jewelry store.

Husband: Where? How are you spending exactly $29.99 at the beginning of each month there?

Me: I'm not? I bought one necklace. For nine bucks.

<Awkward silence times gagillion>

Husband: No.

Sooooo...apparently I didn't read the fine print. (Story of my life.) Jewelmint is a "jewelry club" and when I bought that one piece for $9, I was now a member. Every month I was being charged $29.99 as a membership due. I had NINETY DOLLARS OF JEWELRY CREDITS!!!!

Moral of the story: Read More. Especially when using a credit card.
Outcome of the story: All female family members will be getting pieces of jewelry for Christmas (purchased with my "credits.")

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