Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Three...It's a Magic Number

Three years ago, I said screamed, "I do," to my best friend...

But our love story goes back a little further...
Dating for 6 Months

One Year of Dating

My Candlelight

Two Years of Dating and Engaged- and no, Husband's name is not Brook, it's Brooks
(Please excuse my outfit, it was not supposed to be a belly shirt)

Three Years of Dating- The Weekend Before We Got Married
(in our new, grown-up apartment)

July 12, 2008
And the road has just been getting better...

April 2009- Miami Beach

July 2009- 1st Anniversary
Abrams Falls

December 2009- St. George Island

January 2010- On the Plane to Vegas

April 2010- First Kickball Season

September 2010- Abrams Falls

October 2010- Helen, GA

April 2011- Easter Sunday

Oh, how I love my sweet husband! I love waking up every morning next to him. I love that he tells me I look beautiful, even with morning breath and bed hair. I love that when he asks me about my day, he actually listens. I love our nightly devotions. I love that when I decide to paint the kitchen (at 10:00 at night) he grabs a brush. I love that even though he would rather be hiking/biking/climbing, he goes every Saturday morning to get me breakfast, and then lets me eat it in bed. I love how we stay up way past our bedtime and sometimes eat ice cream for dinner, because it is fun to break the rules. I love how he makes me laugh every.single.day. I love how he dreams big, and loves even bigger.

I was looking through our wedding pictures, and if I had to pick a favorite, it would be this one...

...because it (almost) shows how happy this man makes me.

Marriage, it's like a sleep-over,
with your very best friend, that never ends.




  2. Isn't it a bit tragic that when we got married he lost his hair?

    What do you think that is saying about me?


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