Thursday, July 7, 2011

Randomess...Good for the Soul

Courtesy of US Magazine

Rachel Zoe's Baby=Hysterical

2- Casa de Harvard needs a facelift. I have neglected our little townhome lately. Last Winter, we redid the master bathroom. I swore I would never "flip" another room in my house. I am sticking to the promise with Crazy Glue. Nothing in Casa de Harvard will ever be gutted again, but sometimes a facelift is necessary. Since I like my bathroom a lot, I am thinking of painting the kitchen and the cabinets. Or maybe I will give her a facelift by cleaning it...she needs that too.


My beautiful nemesis, Olivia Palermo, is launching a fashion blog. Lately, I have been watching reruns of The City on Netflix, and have confirmed that we could never be friends...she would definitely make me cry. As Fashionista reported, I hope she has the same luck as she did with her fashion line, acting career, and own show :) I am sorry Olivia. I will be more encouraging when you are friendlier.

4- We are interviewing new receptionists for my summer job. I didn't realize that I have become a little territorial over my front desk. One candidate raved about her great pumpkin bread she loves to make for coworkers.... Note: Bring in Mom's pound cake for the office....spike her bread with Ex-Lax.

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