Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Am Not Pregnant

First, I wanted to establish that.

But, my friend, Jessica, is! My school is like the baby factory. "Maternity leave" is as common of a phrase as "tonight's homework." And although there is no baby in my immediate future, I love baby nurseries.

Repeat- I. Love. Baby. Nurseries.

I am so excited to see what Jessica does with nursery. She has been so creative with her house. (Can you believe it?- Both she and her husband (Ryan) work full-time jobs, are flipping a house, having a baby, and look perfect 100% of the time... believe me, I have worked out with her.)

Here are some nurseries I am lusting after...(For Jessica!)

I just love that teal crib

 Grey chevron walls? Yes
Yellow bedding? Yes
Giraffe bigger than a child that could cause nightmare until age seven? Yes

Even though it is blue, I could see it working for a boy or girl. I also like that they put the dresser in the closet, because, let's face it, few infants have long ball gowns and fur coats.

Gah! Look at that barn door!! Dad- do not be alarmed if our your barn is missing a door. I will return 18 years from it's departure.

So fun. So educational.

Photos courtesy of Pinterest
Probably my favorite. I love that color of green/blue/teal with grey. Also, I like that the wall is one color, because where I swoon over chevron and other designs on walls, I doubt I (or Husband for that matter) would be down for painter's tape while preggers. (Kudos to my brother who was though.)

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  1. Mmmm... I do love those nursuries! I am adding some of them to pinterest as I type! :)


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