Friday, July 11, 2014

Number Six

I am starting this post way to late, but it is too important not to document. Tomorrow is our sixth anniversary! We are celebrating in DC (since Brooks conveniently has a conference there next week.) Like the Bahamas, it will just be an overnight stay (for me) due to a little baby who much prefers his momma to a bottle. And if it wasn't late enough, I decided to reminisce by looking back at our previous anniversaries.

So fun to look back, and crazy to see how our lives have changed (especially in the hair department.) We are not the same people we were, and definitely not the same as when we began dating (when I was at the tender age of  18.) That is the fun thing about marriage- you are constantly changing, growing, and learning new things about your  partner. 


Don't get me wrong, marriage isn't always a walk in the park. There are hard times. Sometimes we are stressed and tired. Sometimes we find the other to be annoying. We snap at each other and say things we don't mean. But at the end of the day, it is about trusting in the love we have for each other, the faith we have in God, and the vows we made before Him. Following the old advice of "never go to bed angry" and "honest communication."



In looking back, even with the hard times, I cannot imagine a second without Brooks. He truly is my best friend, yet he makes me fall in love with him over and over. I did a lot of stupid things at 21, but the smartest thing I did was convince Brooks he needed to propose to me so I could get a candle light and marry Brooks.
 2012 (Large and in charge post baby)


Happy Anniversary Brooks! I really am "The Luckiest."


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  1. This makes me wonder... should I put a copyright thingy on mine? I never thought about it! (Not that anyone would want to steal my words)... but I don't want my pictures to be used anywhere... Anyway, Gaines is SO STINKIN CUTE.


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