Sunday, July 6, 2014

4th Weekend

I am typing this on Sunday evening. It is going to be a long post (I think), and I have already been interrupted once to cuddle with Woody. Normally, he goes to bed so easily, but tonight, he wanted his momma. I obliged.

So even though the title says "4th Weekend," the pictures start on Wednesday. I went for a walk with my friend, Lisa, and then we went to her pool. As my friend, Alli, put it- You spend the whole time scared to death they are going to drown. Then once you are out, you spend the whole time worrying about secondary drowning. There was this fantastic post that I shared on Facebook. You can read it here. Sometimes I think that if I worry about something enough, it won't happen. But that's not how things work is it?

(Some great pool hair)

On Thursday, Brooks was off work, so we indulged in some morning cartoons.

The plot on Jake and the Neverland Pirates was obviously a nail biter. We then headed to this great park in Sandy Springs that was introduced to us on a playdate.

You can check out more about it here!

Look at my little man up there all by himself!

And yes, my sweet baby was there too.

Along with his only slightly creepy-dressed father.

So trendy.

July 4th- Independence Day!! Aren't we blessed to live in this great country? We celebrated by driving up to Brooks' grandmother's (Jane) house in the mountains. There is this great little park close to her house, so we went there first. We are slowly becoming park stalkers.

And again, don't forget these two!!

Less trendy, more legit dad


Only slightly embarrassed by his overbearing mother.

Racing cars down the slide

Then we took the boys' back to Jane's house and enjoyed some pool time with our friends Mike and Beth while Woody and Gaines napped. We returned (burnt), ate, and relaxed.

Next, we headed to our good friends', Kurt and Alli, house. We had an impromptu pool party, ate dinner...

 (highly annoyed that we were taking his picture instead of letting him raid the playroom)

 which resulted in some impromptu baths (for the kids)...

and headed to a firework show.

 (Left-Right: Kurt, Jackson, Alli, Gaines, Blakely, Woody, and Brooks)

 Jackson was so funny. He loves Gaines and can always make him laugh. He even wanted to ride in our stroller so he could cruise with Gaines. Woody was just fine giving up his seat. It meant he could ride with his girl, Blakely.

And speaking of Jackson, he is almost 4!! I was waiting by my phone all day on Aug. 2, 2010. He is such a cool kid. Kurt, Brooks, and Jackson were out playing with sparklers and poppers before the show. I guess he was having a great time, because he asked, "Can we keep doing fun things?" Could squeeze his up!

<Whew. Had to take a break. I am resuming now.>

We didn't get home until almost 11:00 pm! The boys went down fairly easy all things considered, but Saturday was a nightmare. They were so whiny all day. We did a brief walk to our local park and dinner at Shane's. Nothing too exciting.

Everyone was in better spirit Sunday...

...despite this picture! Hope you had a great weekend as well!

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