Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Mom Style

When I started this blog, I was childless and teaching. I loved clothes and fashion. I knew designers, bought expensive clothes, and could care less if something was practical.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. I still love clothes, and want to look nice, but price and practicality play a much bigger part. I love seeing what other moms blog about wearing, but I can't justify $200 shorts or dry-clean only shirts for the park. After all, we are a one-income family with a toddler and a baby.

I ordered a few things at the beginning of the summer that I love. Since they were successes, I thought I would share.

Forever 21
Yes, I am many years past 21, but I still love this store. 

Picture these shorts without that lovely top. I love them. They are the most comfortable things ever. They come in three colors, and I have the teal pictured above. In fact, I wore them three times in row. Gross? Yes. I should probably order some more colors for that price. The size medium provides adequate room for this post-baby bod.

I have a weird addiction to stripes. In fact, I own a few black/navy and white striped shirts, but this is my favorite. It is so soft, and I like that it is a little longer in the back to cover my backside if I am wearing leggings.

Seriously the only "store" I have taken the boys in with me. I like being able to try on clothes before loading a cart up with Spagetti-O's.

I loved this so much, I bought it in another color. Again, it is soft, comfortable, machine washable, inexpensive, and is a bit longer. Target has cheaper tee, but "splurge" with the $12 option. I have washed mine several times, and they are still nice and long and haven't lost their shape.

I typically don't wear many dresses when I am nursing, but I have loved this one this summer. If I am out and about, I just wear leggings under it. It is perfect with sandals and fun jewelry. I feel like it hits at the right places too.


I saw a co-worker wearing these during post-planning and immediately ordered them (like during a meeting where they were discussing how teachers were finally getting a raise the year I leave.) I have actually worn these to the park (with a tee) and out to dinner with friends (with a button down, chiffon blouse.) I am so glad elastic waist shorts are on trend this summer. (Let's face it, even if they weren't on trend, I would being wearing elastic waist anyway.)

Any the best part? You can order all off these things and have spent less than $70. I rest my case.

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