Thursday, July 12, 2012


Sometimes, it is hard to believe that it has been four years. (See Year Three here.)

Look at all we've done! We moved to a brand new city, co-signed our first apartment, started grown-up jobs, bought our first house, adopted two dogs, survived graduate school and job changes, explored new places, made the best of friends, and created a little miracle that we will be meeting soon.

This was on our honeymoon. We thought the boat was going to dock Friday morning. Then we got our itinerary, and realized we weren't docking until Saturday (give us a break, we were 24 and 21.) We got really excited that we had an extra day. We have never paid too close attention to details.

Christmas Eve in our first studio apartment. Want to get really close your first year? Live together in 600 sq ft

The night we bought our house (and where I cried because I hated it)

 Attempt at a family picture with our newest baby- look how awful she is was

And Fur Baby Number Dos

Our Greatest Accomplishment
(and the only belly shot I took)

And in between all of those major events, there were times that didn't require a camera, but were just as special. Times where we were learning more about each other, marriage, and the world. (I am glad we were learning together.)

I am so glad that freshman girl, stuck in Tuscaloosa for the summer, ventured over to "9th Street" to meet some new people. Because she met someone incredible.

Favorite Wedding Picture

Brooks, you are my best friend, confidant, and partner. Here's to the Fifth Year and all the excitement it will bring. I love you.


  1. Yay! Happy Anniversary! Love all of the pictures you shared. :)

  2. Happy Anniversary! I love you two (soon to be three)!

  3. PS - I also CANNOT believe its been four years. I think I'm going to need to make an Atlanta trip before this year is up. I miss you too much!

  4. Love the post!! Happy Anniversary! Love you guys and so happy for you!


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