Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Trains, Easy Recipe, and Messes

I am not good at coming up with clever titles for my posts. Nor am I great at having my words follow a main idea. I am (can't say was) a math teacher- not a language arts one.

Woody is completely obsessed with trains and basically anything with wheels. My amazing sister sent (via my parents) all of Jake's trains. It was a fantastic idea since the weekend he received them, Brooks and I were at a wedding. I don't think Woody ever realized we were gone. He calls them "Shoo Shoos" (Choo Choos), and it melts my heart and makes me forget that I have just stepped on four of them.

I can't believe that I am posting my second recipe. Although, this isn't so much a recipe. I am a fan of Mexican food, and my friend, Lisa, made a fancier version of this for me when I had Gaines. I majorly dumbed it down, but it is still really good! If you are a real cook, please just breeze by this section. But if you are a Lindsey Junior, and don't really like/are bad at cooking, here is the thing for you:

Don't adjust your screen, these are the ingredients. Seriously. I take four frozen chicken breasts and throw it in the Crock-Pot with half of that can of salsa. (Or just buy the smaller can of salsa.) If I am feeling domestic, I will throw in some lemon juice, garlic, or red pepper if we have some lying around. Today we didn't, but it was still good. We usually eat around 6:30pm, so I put it in around noon on high.Then I leave it and enjoy Cheeks and Peepers.

 (New trick- He is rolling over! How is this possible?!)

Put Cheeks to bed at 1:00. When he wakes up, check on dinner.

At 3:00 pm, this is what it looked like.

Then turn it to low heat. Let it cook until 6:30ish. It is delicious. Once again, I didn't get a picture because I had literally eaten a fourth of it before Brooks walked through the door. You can throw it in a tortilla or eat it with chips. Add cheese, lettuce, tomato, whatever you desire!

Brooks says it is his favorite thing I make. This makes me smile, because I really don't do anything, so maybe that should be my secret. My best meals are those I don't cook. Anyway, there you have it- super easy Mexican chicken.

Sometimes I feel silly saying I am a stay at home mom. I always figured that SAHMs were great cooks (strike one) and had impeccable houses (strike two.)

Case 1: My Closet

I know, I know. It. Is. Bad. The worst is that I don't have a closet door to hide this mess. It seems so overwhelming that I don't know where to begin. My mission is to have this cleaned and organized by August, and I will report back to you my progress.

Case 2: Woody's Room

I actually clean this room everyday! (Eh, most days.) If you have/have had a toddler, you know that as soon as it is clean, they are right behind you ready to destroy it. Today, Woody decided to drag out his winter hats and shove puzzle pieces down his drawers.

I think God is trying to teach me to not sweat the small stuff...and patience for the years to come.

I will be back with lots of updates. Gaines was 4 months on Monday (I am waiting until we go to the doctor so I can get his weight), Woody is almost 2 (tear tear), Brooks is almost 29+1, and we have an anniversary and a TRIP coming up, whew!!

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