Thursday, July 31, 2014

Woody's Bastille Day Bash

I know that one year Woody will learn to talk and have an opinion on what type of birthday party he will have.

Hooray, it wasn't this year!

He was born on July 14, Bastille Day, so I decided to do a French theme birthday party. Some road blocks I ran into:
  • I was not able to have the party on the actual date, July 14. And thanks to trips and weddings, it didn't happen until July 26. Strike 1.
  • Which was a very hot day. Strike 2.
  • "France" is not a popular party theme for a 2 year old, so there was no "go to Party City and buy the party package" option. Strike 3.
  • I don't really know anything about France nor the French Language. Strike 4.
  • I decided to make the food. Strike 5.
  • So I didn't take any pictures. Strike 6.
  • But my sister did! RBI? 
 So all these pictures are courtesy of her blog. Thanks Emma!!!!!!

 For the beverages, I added name tags to the cups! Thank you to the nice people who followed directions and took one cup and put their name on it!

My very sweet friend, Tippi, made the cupcakes. They were so yum! 

 It said, "Let Them Eat Cake." The (apparent) OCD side of me is bothered that you can't see the A and the E.

  • French Fries
  • Mini French Dips
  • French Toast
  • French Flag Fruit
  • And a whole lot of cheese

 And the OCD tendency wants to flip the L flag forward

 My sweet MIL made appetizers. 

And my sweet friend, Beth, not only made those amazing cookies, but she also came over on Friday to help me when I had accomplished NOTHING on my to-do list.

Woody's Message to His Friends. Obviously it is in French.

 "Oh yeah! Hundreds of people to hold me!"

He obviously hates sweets.


And because my sister appreciates a montage as much as I do!

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  1. This is the most adorable theme! So creative! Love all the French touches!


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