Thursday, May 19, 2011

La Posh Style

Recently, while looking (I use that word extremely lightly) for a summer job, I came across the clothing company La Posh Style. I was pleasantly surprised with their cute clothes and affordable prices!!!

Oh, what would I want? Well, for starters....

Embroidered Tunic Dress Beauty- $59.99
(This would look so cute as a dress OR with white pants!)

Croco Handbag- $79.99
(Comes in brown too!)

Sage Print Wedges- $43.99
(So fun, and I love the colors!)

In Style Dress $42.99
(Ah, how I would B&G- [belt and go] you)

Stylish Diva Dress- $49.99
(Paired with navy? Yes please!)

I spy many, many summer must-haves! Now go buy yourself something fun!!

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