Friday, May 27, 2011

The Last Day

Today is the last day with my students.

It is a bit surreal that I am finishing my third year of teaching. I still remember my first day of my first year. I stood in front of a classroom of children and thought- Now what do I do?

Teaching is such a funny thing. There are so many ups and downs. So many times when I question- What is the point of this? And then the gratification of when I can answer my own question.

There are times when I want to get a running start and jump out of my third floor window, and in the next second, throw my arms around a student because they need it.

Sometimes I swear I am a stuck record, but love when my students finish my sentences.

Great. I sound schizophrenic. (I have been accused of having "two voices.") One thing I know for certain... I am exhausted. Therefore, this weekend, I shall shop.

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