Friday, May 13, 2011

Help UA...Get a Cute Top.... WIN WIN

(Sorry, this post was originally poster on Thursday, before BLOGGER CRASHED! It is finally back up though! Happy Day!!)

First of all, so glad America (or at least PEOPLE) agrees with me. See here. Thank you Susannah, for pointing this out, so I know that I won't be the only one showing up to the support group.

Second, in honor of my mother's birthday, I went to the public library to get my first library card since I was ten. (BTW- Mom was a librarian. The few, the proud.) I was making a mental list of my summer reads when they DENIED ME MY CARD! Apparently, I have to have proof that I reside in Fulton County, and I have been a tad delinquent in updating my driver's license. (Reason for the Delay? My license picture is a fantastic picture, and I don't want to change it.) I feel extremely rejected by my mother's people.

Finally, to my point. I was visiting one of my favorite blogs The Southern Eclectic, which lead me to the cute-to-boot blog, The Company She Keeps. And that is where I found out about this...


HOW CUTE IS THIS TOP?!?!?! Please buy this top, and help out my Alma Mater. Roll Tide Roll!

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