Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cinco de Mayo

"No Time to Siesta, Nacho Average Fiesta"- Pi Phi Cinco de Mayo Party T-Shirt 2007

Oh, you didn't know, Cinco de Mayo is one of my favorite holidays. Why, you may ask? Well,
  • Hello!?! Mexico is our neighbor to the South!
  • An excuse to eat twice as much chips and salsa as I normally do
  • I feel completely okay speaking "Lindsey-Spanish" all day/night
  • Cinco 2010 coined the phrase "I gotta upload this and show Mom I made friends"
  • Same year- a new friend, Pacho, was born. What a chatterbox.
  • Definitely an excuse to buy a new outfit

Print dress
$85 -

Chiffon ruffle dress
$30 -

Smocked dress
$39 -

Floral top
$44 -

Old Navy crinkle top
$25 -

Gypsy white top
$56 -

Dorothy Perkins cotton skirt
30 GBP -

Lalesso elastic waist short
58 GBP -

Forever21 platform shoes
$26 -

Unlisted tan sandal
$50 -

Green tote
$46 -

Tribal jewelry
$34 -


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