Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pippa's Look for Less by Zara

It is easy to say that I have major style crush on Pippa Middleton. When she wore that white, column gown to fulfill her MOH duties, I was lusting to be a bridesmaid. As she departed the wedding festivities, she looked AMAZING (and you know I love a blazer.) If that had been me, I might have been in sweats with a sign that said- "I hate my life, my sister just married a prince."

But not chic Pippa...
. 64525229
photo courtesy of USMagazine.com

Zara has become one of my new favorite stores (despite a recent incident that involved an attack on a mannequin.) It is accessible, affordable, and I am obsessed with their latest collection (hello color block!)
$40 - zara.com

Zara blazer
70 GBP - zara.com

BALLERINA VERNICE - Scarpe - Collezione - Donna - ZARA Italia
999 RUB - zara.com

Oh...and BTW, my LAST grad school class EVER was last night. That's what's up.


  1. So when you left the morning after my wedding, you didn't think "I hate my life, my sister just married an insurance account manager"? I'm hurt...

  2. Obviously you didn't see the outfit I left in on Sunday (my PJs) because I was so depressed.


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