Monday, June 30, 2014

My Dear Friend, Jessica

As seen on my Instagram, my dear friend, Jessica, has moved back to Alabama. This is even after numerous attempts to try and move her into my basement.

2008- Halloween
(Suzy, me, Jessica)
We were the three blind mice. I cannot believe how empty (and clean) Lake Forest looked! This was the first year the school opened.

2009- Alli's Birthday Party
(Jessica, Suzy, me, Alli)

2010- Holding Amy's Baby, Savannah Grace

2010- Halloween. We were Waldo.

2011- Amy's "Retirement" Dinner
(Jessica, Alli, me, Amy, Ian)

2012- Hosting Jessica's Baby Shower

March 2, 2012- Burke was Born!

2012- Amy's Baby Shower
(me, Alli, Jessica, Amy)

And just as our friendship grew, so did our boys'...

You may be thinking, "Big deal, people move." And you would be right, but you don't know Jessica. If I had seen her on paper, I would have hated her. She is gorgeous, thin, likes to exercise, never gossips, a creative mom, and (gasp) an Auburn fan (in fact, she was a majorette for them.) Yet her great qualities (except the Auburn part) make you want to be a better person, not run from her.

Growing up, I was taught that you know a Godly woman by their actions, not their words. Nobody demonstrates that better than Jessica. (It is funny, because I think I told her this right when I met her and she probably thought I was a big bag of crazy.) She never judges anyone or talks poorly about people. When I taught with her, she would stay late to help another teacher plan or was just there to talk. I can't tell you how many times I went to her with my problems, before anyone else, because of what a great listener she is. (Side story: When we found out I was pregnant with Gaines, there were five people who initially knew- our parents and Jessica. I felt so guilty for being pregnant (again) without trying. I felt scared that I was going to have two children so close together. I knew though that Jessica would somehow tell me something magical to make me feel better. I can't remember what she said, but she did.) She organizes awesome activities for the boys when I am being a big slacker mom, and then usually ends up holding one of my kids when I am completely overwhelmed.

I hate that she is gone. Today is her birthday, and I wanted nothing more than to hang out. I know God sent me Jessica when I moved to Atlanta. He knew I needed a good friend. Now I guess there is a lonely girl in Sylacauga, Alabama that needs her. Jessica, thank you for showing me how to be a Godly, sweet, kind, compassionate patient teacher, daughter, wife, mother, and friend. I love you and please move back.

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