Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Woody's Nursery

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You know, my child is two months old, and I am finally getting around to posting pictures of his nursery. For something that I obsessed about for months, quickly got put on the back burner once Little Man arrived.

The room we decided to use as a nursery, formally my closet (tear), was a pretty nice size for a townhouse- 13.5' x 12'. It was also convenient that it wasn't an irregular shape.

Here is the layout of our upstairs, except flipped (stairs are on right)

Husband's grandmother, Jane, painted these for Woody. 

Changing Table/Dresser. Notice the super tiny changing pad? Yeah, Woody has outgrown it. His diaper basket is about to be relocated to the top drawer as we will be purchasing a full size changing pad...that will take up the entire top.

Pie Safe=Storage Solution times gazillion

This was Husband's father's (aka Papa)  id necklace. Jane explained that the initials were based on the father's name, and Husband's grandfather was named William Jake. It works perfect for my little Woodfin James :)

Yep, that is Bear Bryant. Also, Papa's silver cup. To-do list? Polish it.

Woody's Birth Announcement Photo

My rocking horse from when I was a little girl. It is huge, and I love it. (I might change my mind when I have a toddler falling off of it.)

More details...

My momma (who also made the crib skirt) made my fixed roman shades. There are blinds behind the shades for extra privacy.

Love my ottoman. Thanks Husband :)

Woody's Going-Home Outfit and his golf hat from Laura and Charles. Note to self: buy a pretty hanger and replace buttery light switch cover.

Burp Clothes (mostly from Sister) and Pacifiers

As I said in an earlier post, I love elephants (see above hooks), but I didn't want a theme. However, I hid elephants in subtle places...

Knobs on Pie Safe

Book Ends

Crib-Gifted from In-Laws Jenny Lind from Amazon
Bumper Pad- Carousel Designs
Crib Sheet- Target
Crib Skirt and Fixed Roman Shades- Made by Melinda Hollon/ Fabric from Fabric Guru
Glider-Gifted from Parents  Georgia Baby and Kids
Small Table- Kirkland's (no longer available)
Ottoman- T.J. Maxx
Room Divider- ?? My in-law's house
Lamp Above Chair- Z Gallerie (shade) and my talented husband wired it
Rocking Horse- My childhood bedroom
Mirror Above Rocking Horse- ?? My in-law's house
Pie Safe- Antique from Husband's family
Elephant Hooks- Gifted from Friends (Anthropologie, but no longer available)
Bar and Basket (holding burp clothes and pacifiers)- Ikea (but I spray painted it)
Changing Table/Dresser- Thrifted...and painted
Painting Above Changing Table and Dresser- Gifted from In-Laws ( Kirkland's)
Animal Paintings- By Jane Starke, Inspired by Berkley Illustration

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