Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Nursery: Bedding

Today is my first official day of summer vacation. Combined with my maternity leave, I will be spending the next 4.5 months at home. I am sure I will be bored miserable....

I also learned to close my stroller. I was really good at it when we got it, but then I completely forgot my technique. Good news, I got it back (after some minor bruising)...hope it lasts until July.

Onto all things nursery...In case you need a recap of what I have already done, you can read about the paint and the pie safe (both are Pulitzer winners).

The Bedding: Remember this? The elephants were a little masculine and didn't match the art I wanted to use. I decided to start over. So one weekend, Mom came up and we decided to tackle some fabric stores. Being that I am not a designer and have no clue what I was doing, I left store number two in tears. Yep..hormonal breakdown over happens.

I did come home with an idea of what I wanted. Unfortunately, at $20 a yard, it just wasn't in the budget. Mom and Sister saved the day though! They found the same fabric at Fabric Guru, and it was less that $10 a yard. Score! I proudly showed Husband what I had found, when someone decided to have an opinion. (Funny how there was no opinion when I invited him to join me at those fabric stores.)

"I don't like it... looks country." Husband says.

Fantastic. (I decided not to post the fabric in case you love it/have used it.) Only slightly annoyed at the man who seemed to forget that I grew up in the country, I told him to tell me what he liked. (Dangerous.) He came back with this.

Richloom Modesto Linen

I loved it. Husband was right. Sigh. I ordered and sent it to Mom to make the crib skirt using Erika's (from Urban Grace) technique. Done.

So I had the crib skirt fabric, but I still needed the sheet and bumper. Since I have champagne taste on a beer budget, the crib sheet needed to come from Target. It's close, it's online, it's inexpensive.

I liked how the khaki lattice had a gold-ish tint. And it was $9.99. Done.

The bumper won't be in the crib always, but when it is, I wanted it to compliment the crib skirt, not compete. I decided to go with a solid, light gray bumper. Easy right? WRONG! I could not find a solid bumper anywhere! I finally found one at Carousel Designs.

It looks white here, but it is light gray. And while we are on it, this company was fantastic in helping me in this process as I ordered the wrong color...twice. Done. Done. Done.

All three fabrics

The finished product...

Crib Skirt

Close-up of sheet

Love me a bow.

All together!

A HUGE thank you to Mom for making my crib skirt. You are a talented and patient lady! I know Jammer is going to be obsessed with it. 

And thank you to you for reading this. Slow Wednesday, eh?


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