Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Nursery. In the Beginning.

The nursery.

That sentence is usually my thought process- "The Nursery."

People, it keeps me up at night. Mostly because I have thousands of nursery photos that I love, but no cohesive stream of thought.

So let's begin. In the beginning, I dreamed of bedding. I felt that it was where I needed to begin. Husband tried to reel me in "Please, let's just get a set," he begged. So I tried- really tried. And I even found a set that I liked.

I was satisfied. Ready to order. Then the problems began...
1.) I asked others opinions. They told me it was too blue
2.) So I ordered swatches since the Restoration Hardware by me doesn't carry Baby&Child. Six weeks later...still waiting. Have no idea what the color actually is.
3.) The crib skirt. It was a standard size, so in my terms "too short when the mattress is raised."

You still reading? I love you too.

So last Friday (on date night- my choice!), I decided I wanted Husband to come with me to two fabric stores without complaining

I left with no fabric and Husband left like this...

(Edited by Me- Could you tell?)

I spent the rest of the weekend looking and looking at bedding, but nothing was what I wanted. It all matched a little too much.

Then I (actually, my friend Susannah) found The. Perfect. Fabric...I think.

Elephant and Umbrella Small by Spoonflower
(Sorry it is so blurry, but you can see it here.)

I REALLY love it, and could see it for a bambino or bambina. Even better, Momma says she can easily make an adjustable height crib skirt (Crafty Momma) using Erika Powell's (from Urban Grace) technique.

All I really care about is the crib skirt. Add a white sheet. Done. Oh, and I really like this bumper pad...

But with this seersucker color...

You're still reading? Bless you.

Here is where I need your help/opinion. I don't want to have a theme. Does the fabric say "We're just classy elephants holding umbrellas in a sophisticated sort of way" or "Welcome to Elephantville! Only buy elephants for this nursery!!! Yay for Elephant Theme"? (I am hoping for the former.)

Also, do you still think it looks boyish? Suggestions for creating a neutral nursery?

I cannot wait to hear your opinions and thanks for reading. (Who wants to work today anyways?)


  1. This fabric clearly states: "We're just classy elephants holding umbrellas in a sophisticated sort of way!" I really love it and if it is just the bed skirt then I don't feel like you are going for a big them. You can mix and match it with other patterns very easily I feel!

    (But maybe I'm biased because I am the one that found it!)


  2. Love the fabric! Maybe you could mix in some greens/yellows or other neutral colors to make it more clearly work for a boy or girl? Also, I don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but I'd look up crib safety a bit, as I think I remember a friend telling me bumpers weren't safe and she was bummed she couldn't use one in her nursery? (I am nowhere near babies, so I'm definitely not an expert.) ;)

  3. I love the elephants paired with seersucker! Totally boyish yet not the typical baby themes you see everywhere.

  4. I love elephants and republican babies!

  5. I absolutely LOVE the elephants! I saw it as an iPhone case and I was obsessed! I do think the elphants, blue, red mix is a little baby boyish, but I still love it! Are y'all going to find out the sex or wait and be surprised?


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