Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Nursery: Pie Safe

I have learned that if my hands are idle, I will find a project.

My mother warned me that a nursery is constantly evolving and never will truly be finished. I want it to be finished. Yesterday.

Some things are out of my control. I have to learn to accept this. Tomorrow.

Last Monday, I was reading Shelter, and I saw this amazing photo.

And what made perfect sense? Let's redo the pie safe!

I proceeded to go to Home Depot on Tuesday and buy what I thought was a nice "avocado green" shade to paint the inside. (I wanted the lovely pink color above, but not sure how a potential son would feel about it.)

Fast forward to Saturday- Husband leaves for a race, so I find it the perfect time to get to painting. After one coat, I wasn't happy. I simply thought that maybe it needed another coat. I painted a second coat. It began to resemble a sick baby's diaper. I painted one more coat, and I was done. I hated it. I knew it was awful, but I had spent an entire day painting coats and letting it dry, and I did not want to redo it. I decided to text Husband to see what he thought. Maybe he would love it!

His response? "You purposely bought that color? It's not Oops Paint? Huh."

I knew he was right. I knew it was disgusting. I knew it needed to be changed. 

I didn't want to go buy new paint/paint can get expensive after multiple purchases, so I grabbed an old can of Oops Paint that was a pretty minty color. (Oops paint=my BFF times a gazillion.) Even if I didn't keep it that color, it was better than Oscar the Grouch green. 

Then, I took the fabric that I have had forever (it was once going to be used to make curtains, but who am I kidding?) and covered the two shelves with it. You may remember this fabric from here.

I can't get over how much I love that coral fabric. I am really digging it with the mint. Yum

Closer up.

This weekend, Husband and I plan to take some of our old baby toys from our parents' houses to fill the shelves with. I think I am going to leave the gnome though since I was pregnant this weekend and didn't know it :)

1 comment:

  1. LOVE the pie safe!That is precious!
    ... however... I will warn you that even a healthy baby's diaper will look like your nice "avocado green" shade. ;)


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