Friday, September 14, 2012

2 Months

Today marks my Woody-Man's two month birthday. Part of me cannot believe he is already two months, and yet it is hard to think of life without him. The second month has been so much easier/more enjoyable than the first. Husband would get so upset with me for being "too honest" about life with a newborn. (I felt that I was educating the masses.) However, now he has such a great personality.

I love this little guy to death. I mean, I have always loved him, but now I really like him. (That still sounds bad, huh?) I feel like his momma/his #1 lady. I like that. He can totally hang out with me whenever he wants. Everyday, I am more amazed by him/grow more obsessed with him. Monday I will have his two month pictures and stats up. Enjoy these Woody pictures!

Chillin with his #2 Lady

Pumpkin Head

No Neck Bama Fan

Do you not DIE over that sailor suit?!


Eat. You. Up.

His First Cold :( But it made him extra cuddly 

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