Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Weekend in Review...a Day Late

I was all ready to type a blog yesterday recapping my weekend...only to get to school and realize the Internet was down. Do you know how hard it is to teach with no Internet?

Anyway, back to my weekend. My parents came to visit! Living in Atlanta, I don't see my parents as much as I want. To make it harder, my brother and sister live much closer to my parents. However, it makes when they come very special.

Saturday we headed out to Ikea. Epic. Fail. (for me, total score for my parents) I did not find- a.) pillow covers b.) a soft, fabric mobile c.) fabric d.) a rocking chair. Bummer.

We left to head to fabric stores (Dad was thrilled) only to be completely overwhelmed and under prepared. I may have had a break down in the parking lot.

But things began to look up! Mom and I ditched Dad to go clothes shopping- something I know I am good at. It was so wonderful to talk and catch up with my mom. And we found some great deals!!

When they left on Sunday, Husband and I went chair shopping. After four stores and a slight panic attack knowing it would take 14 weeks delivery, we found this chair!

Kermit is breaking it in. It met all my requirements
1.) Wasn't super expensive
2.) Had a great fabric
3.) Didn't look babyish
4.) Was in stock

Thank you so much Mom and Dad for this chair and a fantastic weekend!

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