Monday, February 13, 2012

It Has Been a Year! (and a few days)

In the craziness I call my life, I failed to realize that last Friday marked the one year anniversary of Teach Chic!

The past year has truly been the biggest growing year for me, and I am so happy I had a blog to document it. It saw a job change for Husband, and all the scary scenarios that go with it. It saw me finding a church home after almost three years in the same city. It saw me finish grad school and check off a half marathon off my bucket list (truth be told, the half marathon thing was never actually on my bucket list, but whatev.) It saw one of my best friends say "I do" and others saying "Yes!" to the big question. It saw position changes for me at school..two of them in fact. And finally, it saw me through reading that positive pregnancy test with shock and disbelief, but complete and utter joy.

Though my life has greatly changed, I am glad I have an outlet to talk about it, and wonderful readers who I can share it with. Thank you!

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