Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Case of the Blahgs

The Blahgs- a time in one's life when they have nothing or relevance or importance to report; i.e: yours truly

Life has changed so much in the past few months. I went from being consumed with clothes, shoes, purses, and make-up to waking up and going, "Please let something fit." My hair looks like a supercell hit it since I literally fell sleep last night (putting on moisturizer) with it still wet. I even almost forgot about fashion week.

I blame baby. And school. The combination has me going to bed around eight-ish and sleeping in until usually a quarter after six. (My normal routine is sleep at 11, wake-up 5:30.)

I have nothing to blog about except that Jammer is the size of an avocado and has relocated shim's eyes to the front shim's head. Oh, and apparently, a group of Native Americans from Canada were dictators during WWII (Social Studies Lesson=Fail.)

However, I can't leave you without any pictures! I had so share this one from Pinterest.

Maybe this was someone else's excuse too...

Yep. (Don't worry, it was an old couch.)
Happy Hump Day.

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