Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Long Time, No Post

Hi All! Today is my first day back after a long (and much needed) weekend. My school system gave last Friday and Monday off, and it has me longing for Spring Break (39 more days.)

I was a busy beaver this weekend though. Senior Harvards (Husband's parents) came to visit, and I registered for Jammer!

Also, I forgot to mention that for Valentine's Day, Husband got me an iPhone! (What?! I am the last person on the planet without one?) I had been holding out because 1) my Go Phone from 2008 still worked 2) I didn't want to up my plan 3) sending text messages is difficult. What was I going to go with all those features? However, with the soon arrival of Jammer, Husband felt it would be nice to take videos and send pictures.

So here is my weekend update, courtesy of my new phone.

Senior Harvards got us our stroller! Thank you so much!!

Winnie and Lucy enjoyed a visit to Nana Jane's house in the mountains

And at Nana Jane's I found a sweet garden gnome...who just happens to be riding a snail

After registering, I called Sister and decided I needed to change 95% of my registry. Lucy felt I was hopeless and saved the day. Thanks Lu.

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  1. Love your new stroller! Glad you enjoyed a long weekend off, and enjoy your new phone. :)


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