Wednesday, February 22, 2012

ASOS Shopping- Maternity Edition

Time to face the ugly- my clothes don't fit. I know that there are a lot of cute maternity shops out there, but remember, I am on a teacher budget. $300 for a tent dress I can only wear for 21 more weeks (GAH!) is unrealistic to say the least.

I decided to give ASOS Maternity a shot. I was reluctant. I have one dress from ASOS that is literally four sizes larger than I normally wear, but is still so tight I feel like Ally Darling...

(Side Note: Have you seen this movie? While slightly crude, I laughed so hard I worried I hurting Jammer. Go see

Back on topic: I went ahead and ordered this a maxi dress. It was too pretty to pass up.

I ordered two sizes larger than I normally wear, and was much more satisfied with the sizing. In fact, it is a little big (which I am sure will change in the next few months weeks days.) The fact that it is supposed to be loose helps too. It was on sale (score) and under 40 bucks. Also, NO shipping! Super sweet.

As far as quality, I was very satisfied for the price. The dress was well made and the fabric didn't feel cheap. Warning though, don't expect a quick took over two weeks. (Nonetheless, quicker than my Restoration Hardware swatches- still MIA.)  

So, if you're great with child- or not- they sell regular women's clothing too, I would check it out here

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