Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas 2014

The week before Christmas (thankfully not the week of), we all came down with the stomach flu from you know where. I was bummed that we had to miss some playdates, Woody's school's Christmas party, and my extended family's Christmas (but my sister talked about it here.)

The Sunday before Christmas, we were feeling better, so we took the boys to see the Inflatable House. If you live in Atlanta, you know this is the house on Peachtree Dunwoody with all of those crazy inflatables. My friend, Libby, told us that apparently the home owner got one when they first came out and his neighbor asked him to take it down because it was tacky. Hahahaha- I hope that story is true! I am not sure how many there are now, but it is insane...yet magical.

We then walked to the park across the street.

Christmas Week Photos

Don't touch my iPad, brah.

Christmas Love?

On Christmas Eve, Mimi, Papa Jim, Nana Jane, Savanna and Jake joined us at church. I was so excited for Woody to see the camel and donkey come in the church. He had seen them outside and was obsessed. So what happened when they came in? Woody was too busy watching his ABC video on my phone....sigh. (We got to church an hour early to get those aisle seats too.)

After church, Aunt Melanie and Uncle John joined us for dinner at our house. I love hosting at my house. It makes me feel like a proper housewife. Santa came and miraculously got all the toys together and remembered batteries! Good job, Santa!!

We then packed up the boys to visit with Brooks's other grandmother, Maridelle. 

And my guys had way too much fun with her walker, wheelchair, and extra wide hallways!

New PJs!

A selfie while checking out after Christmas deals. I don't know if you can see that screen, but I got a pair of Native shoes for Woody for less that $7!!! I love these shoes for summer.

On Saturday, we drove to Prattville for my family's Christmas. (Read Sister's account here.)

 Poor MoMo temporarily forgot which aunt was Aunt Emma and which was Aunt Lindsey

 Precious shirts Sister made the boys

 Obsessed with all his ABC gifts

A Natural

My parents installed a zipline for the grandkids. Woody wanted to ride, but I knew there was no way he would hang on, so I had to ride with him..Yeah right, I wanted any excuse to ride that thing!!! Unfortunately, I wore a dress, so I had to slip on my pajama bottoms (which were aqua leopard.) Brooks took this great SloMo video.

Whew! Merry Christmas!!!

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