Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Some of my Favies

Here is a bunch of my favorite things lately. Don't worry, they are all cheap!

In the winter, my ends get really dry (while my scalp stays oily.)After I get out of the shower, I give my hair a few squirts of this, and it makes my hair super soft! It smells like the beach too...which is nice when it is freezing here.

 I have never had full lips to begin with, so I need to wear lipstick all the time. The problem is that it is gone in 30 minutes. Not this stuff. It sticks, And then add the gloss and your are good to go! I really like this color. It says "natural" but I think it is a tad darker than natural. It is a nice berry color.

I rarely have time to read things other than USWeekly, so when my MOPS group had this author come speak, I wasn't super excited about trying to carve out time for reading things other than celebrity gossip. Then I heard Courtney, and she is amazing. And her book is amazing!

When I was teaching, I had some great lectures. And by great, I mean that my kids completely tuned me out. Surprise, surprise telling children to be kind doesn't make them kind. Saying to them that it is hurtful to bully- they don't care. Preaching about honestly? They will lie as they mumble how they won't do it again. Courtney's whole book is about having more fun with your children and less lectures. She writes tips and activities that you can do with your children to teach those precious virtues we want our children to learn.

Also, she breaks it up into a virtue a month. So (if you are like me), and reading an entire book is seems impossible, you can just do a chapter at a time. A great read for moms and teachers!

I know I have said this before, but I rarely by my kids clothes. Mimi introduced me to this line from REI, and I am OBSESSED! My kids love to wear them. The are soft and really comfortable for lounging around the house. Also, you can wear it forever!

It started when Mimi got Woody the suit for his first winter. It is a size 6 months, and he wore it his first winter (age 4-8 months), his second winter (when we was normally in a 12-18 month), and now Gaines wears it (he is normally in a 12-18 month.)



It stretches like you would believe! Now Woody has the pants.

Don't ask about the shoes. To have a limited vocabulary, he can be quite opinionated.

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