Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Trip to the Zoo

Thank you for your sweet words yesterday. I didn't write that post to throw a pity party, but as a real life testimony of a mom desperately wanting to do the "right" thing. I appreciate so many kind people lifting me up when I was down!

Last Saturday was the rare combination of two wonderful things: no plans and beautiful weather. So we went to the Atlanta Zoo! I had been on a field trip before, but Brooks and the boys (well, technically, Woody was in utero) had never been. It was a tad chilly in the morning, and since not all the animals weren't out, we got in for 1/2 price! Woody and Gaines could have cared less, they were just happy to run/be pushed around.

(I think this orangutan had a hard Friday night.)

Roll Tide!

The big hit was the train. Woody love trains, but has never been on one. He was nervous/excited and was whispering "choo-choo." He kept smiling at Brooks. (Yes, I definitely cried. I love seeing him so happy. I am going to be a wreck when we go to Disney.)

Then we rode the carousel. Woody was indifferent towards it. He would smile some, but I think he was getting sleepy. However, Gaines loved it! He kept bouncing up and down, and I was so scared he was going to fall off. I kept yelling at Brooks to hold tight.

When is this gonna move?

Deep Thoughts

Happiest guy!


  1. Love all these pictures! Looks like it was a GREAT day! Love seeing your little ones grow up. They are just growing so fast it's so crazy!

  2. Love those sweet boys! And you are an awesome mom. That's why your older sister keeps texting you for advice on the baby!


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