Friday, January 23, 2015

Hylan Marie Coleman

My friend, Jessica, is that friend that I always talk about who I love so much and then she left me and moved. Yeah....

Well, she had her precious baby girl (read about it here.) I was about to die to get my hands on her, smoother her with kisses, and whisper sweet nothings about moving to Atlanta. So Lisa, Catherine, and Gracelyn loaded up my car with my crew and headed to Sylacauga, Alabama (and Lisa documented the day much better than I did.)

So, the only picture I got of Hylan was this one of the back of her head...

 Gracelyn was telling her momma what a great big sister she was going to be.

Big Brother Burke wondering why all these kids were messing with his stuff

Y'all, I am going to steal this child, because I think she belongs to me. 

Mostly because she sits in fireplaces.

Hylan, I may not have gotten many pictures of you, but I love, love, love you and your brother!

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