Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Helen Weekend

I made it through yesterday. Barely.

Alas, it is a new day, and I am excited to share a few pictures from this weekend. Seventeen (that's right) of us headed up to Helen, GA for our Oktoberfest trip. This year we rented a large cabin, and it was perfection.

Me, Tali, Tippi, Susannah, and Allison
Friday Night at the Cabin

Tippi, Me, Susannah, Libby, and Laura
We made the game that everyone had to wear the "German Dress" for one hour. We're good friends.
Apologies for those over 5'5".

Me and Sus
The band at this place remembered us from last year :)
We make an impression

Top Pic: Libby, Laura, Chris
Bottom Pic: Harrison, Husband

Then the costumes came...
I was a garden gnome last year and since we were in a German village, I felt that I should wear it again.
I mean...I must protect this garden!
(Me, Tippi, Chris)

Husband and Me
He still loves me despite my "adorable" costume
(Truthfully? He was telling me that the beard was creepy.)

(Also, thank you Susannah for the majority of these pictures!)

Cannot wait to make it even better next year!


  1. What a fun weekend trip! The costumes were so cute!


  2. This looks like an absolute blast. You and your friends are a riot--especially you in your gnome costume. ;)


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