Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I was supposed to go to Birmingham this weekend for a visit with Sister and her family, but since I still had that nasty bronchitis cough, I felt it best that I stay home for some R&R. (Feeling much better though.)

I have also discovered that Jammer must be the most type-A, motivated fetus ever, and shim's personality must be wearing off on me. I have been kicking tasks :)

Before: Old window that was being used as a tray. (I remembered to take a before picture 1/4 the way into painting)

After: Painted the wood a light grey/white color and hot glued my favorite fabric to the frame.

Took a trip to My Favorite Place (both name of the flea market and describes my feelings perfectly) to try and look for dodads for Jammer's room. I decided to leave without these little treasures. Creepy much?

Read my Southern Living and saw Erika (I speak as if I know her personally) and her amazing paint-by-numbers dog prints.

I also got around to getting some curtains for the kitchen. They are not hung yet, but hopefully some pictures soon. Also, on Friday we had our school carnival. This was 5th Grade's Event....

(There were some tasks I could have improved on.)

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