Thursday, June 14, 2012


Being at home is tough. I feel guilty lying around. A two-bedroom townhome can be cleaned in 30 minutes. I have been banned from shopping by Husband. (This is why I got a job last summer.)

So, what do I do? Projects! There are big projects (like painting my kitchen cabinets), but I have also enjoyed my daily small projects. Several of these have been for Jammer's room (which I will show once I get some last finishing touches up.) However, here are some other things I have been working on...

Sofa Table

Husband and I found the desk above at Target for $20. I used it as a vanity when Jammer's room was my closet. We moved it downstairs to throw out once we started working on Jammer's nursery, but soon discovered the convenience of having a table behind the sofa (especially since we don't have room for end tables next to the sofa.) I painted the legs gold and did a striped top (with paint I already had.) Ta-daa, we now have a twenty dollar sofa table. 

Jewelry Cabinet

It's not pretty, but a necessity. This baby contains all my jewelry. Again, use to reside in my closet room, but, yep, Jammer. Husband decided to move it next to his side of the bed and use it as an end table, but it was laminate and ugly. I first wanted to paint the whole thing, but the top was getting scratched. Turns out, Home Depot has really pretty contact paper (for less that $4.00 a roll), so I covered the top and painted the sides.


Table Runner

My dining room table was a little....brown. I L.O.V.E. some color. This fabric had been used as curtains in the kitchen, so I used some hem tape (this girl don't sew) and made a table runner for a pop of color. 

(Sorry all of these are phone pictures. I was lazy.)

Happy Thursday!!!

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