Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Painted Cabinets

Let me begin by expressing how much I LOVE when it is raining outside and my Jack Russell acts like she just drank ten 5-Hour Energies. It is going to be a long morning inside.

In all my nesting, I have fallen in love with painted cabinets. It began when Mom redid her kitchen. Then, I started seeing beautiful painted cabinets all over Pinterest (including DIY ones.) I told Husband I would wait until after Jammer comes, but...

I want them now.

Love that grey color- would go well with my walls

Do you have any experience with painting cabinets? We have a tiny kitchen. Literally- four cabinets on the bottom, five on top.

(All images courtesy of Pinterest)


  1. I LOVE painted cabinets! Someday I want to have painted cabinets that are navy greyish!!! I'll help you paint them when you want to!

  2. This is SO funny as I had a crazy itching to paint my kitchen cabinets last night after work! Thank goodness I had trouble settling on a color or else I would be falling asleep today at my desk! ;)


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