Monday, June 11, 2012

Evolution of a Kitchen

This was my kitchen on April 7, 2009- Closing Day.

Now you know why I cried for a week after we bought our house. I hated everything about our kitchen. The wallpaper, the appliances, the cabinets (especially that mysterious hole in the upper right-hand corner), the multiple dog treats we found when we pulled the appliances back. I literally just didn't go back into the kitchen until May...

In case you didn't see that wallpaper.

This was my kitchen in January 2010.

Everybody has big dreams for their kitchen. Usually this dreams come with a big price tag... which Husband and I were without. So we did what we could. We bought now appliances (on major sale), gave it a back-splash, and painted it with oops paint- dark grey (kitchens should be ominous places in my book.) Oh, and thanks to Husband's aunt, we added hardware that she had previously had in her kitchen (we love a reject.) And I liked it...for a while.

Fast forward to Summer 2011. I decided that I don't like the paint color, and changed it to a color called celery bunch. Sorry, I have no pictures of the kitchen during that phase...

And then, last Tuesday. I knew I should wait, but I just had this fear that it would NEVER get done. So I just went to Home Depot, bought Behr's Paint and Primer in One (color: Graceful Grey) and sandpaper and got to work. Here were my steps:

1.) Remove cabinet doors. Luckily, we have internal hinges, so that made the process easier.
2.) Sand it down. I didn't use our sander, just did it manually with 120 grain sandpaper.
3.) Get to painting. I didn't prime the cabinets- just gave them two coats.

Husband got on board on decided that we should update the hardware and finally replace the blinds that came with the house. 

And the finished project...

Husband actually installed these a while back, but I love them. Since our kitchen is so small, it can easily become dark (especially when I had it painted dark grey.) These lights were from Ikea, and were really easy to install.

And a BIG thank you to my parents for donating their old kitchen table to us. We love it. Also, you see that green wall? Hopefully a door will be there soon... we are on our third contractor...

To Be Continued!!


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