Thursday, June 21, 2012

3.5 More Weeks!

My nesting and project days are slowing down. I am sleeping in late and enjoying Kathie Lee and Hoda while I can. The swimming pool has become my hang out for the majority of the afternoon. By the way, did you know that Pinterest has like a gazillion ideas on what to do with paint chips? I am also trying to take full advantage of child-free dinner nights with friends.

My girlfriends are flying out tonight for Laura's Bachelorette Party. Apparently, it is a terrible idea to fly in your last month of pregnancy. I am majorly bummed that I am missing this trip. However, I plan on Face Timing with them before dinner.

Random Pregnancy Updates:

  • I feel pretty good. I was miserable in May when school was going on, then I felt awesome the past three weeks. Now, I am definitely tired and ready for this baby to drop out of my chest, but things could be much worse.
  • Luckily, I am not swelling too bad. After a long walk, my feet swell some, but it is not awful. I drink tons of water and stay in the pool all day, so I feel like this has helped to keep it to a minimum. I would also like to thank my mother, her fantastic skin, and Palmer's Cocoa Butter for no stretch marks. 
  • Don't fear, I have some unpleasant pregnancy symptoms that nobody wants to read about. 
  • About two months ago, I found out I was anemic and have to take an iron supplement. Unfortunately, it makes me really sick unless I have a very full stomach. I will be glad once I don't have to take it anymore.
  • Also, at about 20-24 weeks, there was some fluid on Jammer's kidneys. We were told that it could be nothing, but they wanted to monitor it to make sure the levels didn't rise. The upside was we got to have a lot more ultrasounds. At 33 weeks, the levels had actually dropped into the normal range! Very happy about this news :) 
  • Jammer is head down and moving a lot. Shim loves to hiccup too.
  • We won't discuss my weight gain.... May discuss after Jammer is born....maybe.
  • The nursery is basically finished. The only thing left is window treatments, and then I will post pictures. 
  • I went to the doctor on Monday, and I will go back on Wednesday. My midwife says that everything is going great. Husband was proud because he found the heartbeat.
  • People ask if I think Jammer will come early. I think not. Since my sister had to have an emergency C-section at 36 weeks, I have tried to get ready, but I think we have a while. Jammer is high (to me.)
  • Gender? So proud we stuck to our guns not to find out. (Sorry friends and family, I know you found this really annoying.) It has actually been less stressful/ much better for our finances not to find out. I also like knowing that we will find out what shim is on shim's birthday...when we officially meet shim. shim. shim. (I am getting kinda tired of that word though.) Pretty much everyone thinks it (sorry, tired of typing shim) is a boy. I think it is a girl. Husband thinks it is a baby (good job.)
This is a long post- I know. I get pretty annoyed when all people talk about is there baby, but my mom reads this blog, and she likes to be updated. 


  1. So excited you are fixing to meet shim! :)
    I am also going to apologize for being one of those that constantly talks about their baby... hopefully this will pass. :)

  2. No your not....I would let you know :)


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