Monday, January 30, 2012

I Love the Weekend

...And need more of them!

I had a wonderful weekend celebrating the birthday or a dear friend (and fellow blogger!), Bethany. On Sunday, Husband and I ventured out to find new (to us) furniture for Baby Jammer's room. We went to My Favorite Place, a huge flea market where the possibilities are endless. I manages to maintain myself from the antique green glass punch bowl and glasses, as well as the English riding saddle. (It was hard people.)

However, I did leave with this for Jammer's room.

(Sorry for the grainy image- taken with Husband's phone.)

We are going to use it as a changing table after we paint it. That is why it is still downstairs...and apparently our new mail table. Not to bad for $80.

But then, I found this beauty...

(If you cannot tell, I took this lovely picture. That explains why the whole piece did not make the screen.)

Thanks to our newest addition, my old closet has to become his/her room. Which means all of my clothes will be sharing a home with Husband's... Our old dresser was a cheapy from Ikea, so we are going to put it in the master closet. This new piece gives us a lot more room!

Yes, I just explained to you what I told Husband in order to get my way :) Don't you love it!?


  1. Lindsey, You have the absolute best taste! Baby Jammer is one lucky baby.

  2. That armoire is gorgeous! Can't wait to see how the nursery turns out and to hear about your room with the addition of all of your clothes. :)

  3. Thank you! This weekend I get to decided if the paint that I argued with the lady at Home Depot about will work :)


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