Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bachelor Style Recap

I haven't always been a Bachelor/Bachelorette enthusiast. It started with Jake's season. Now it is how I define Monday nights. The first episodes are my favorites- you get to see what train wrecks people can be.

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My favorite thing is to see what they wear. Luckily, Ellie Krupnick from the Huffington-Post shares my infatuation, yet utter disturbance in women wearing diamonds and pageant make-up to the pool.

My stand out favorite from the night was precious Kacie's B.'s casual date night outfit.

This look has me very excited to transition my winter boots into spring. (So what if it is only January?) All I need is this...

(You can buy it here because it is only $8.80!)

And these...

(My staple shorts- can't go wrong.)

I am so proud of Kacie B.'s style (she is a Southern girl!) However, check out this hot mess, also known as Blakely.

She wore this to work with children. Inappropriate Much?


  1. I get sucked into the Bachelor/ette every single season! I don't think it has much success but the drama is too good to pass up!


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