Monday, September 26, 2011

Wedding Weekend...It Is Finished

I am typing this blog with one eye open, the other catching up on the sleep I have been needing since Wednesday night. But today, it is finished.

Susannah and Alex are married and it could not have been a more special day. My camera was with me for about 15% of the events, but I will share with you what I have.

Wednesday night was a mani/pedi/dinner party...

The B2B with the flower girl, Joie Beth...aka JoJo. I use to think I wanted to have all boys. Then I met JoJo. Completely. Obsessed.

Yum Yum- no party without food

Thursday night, our friends the de Mayo's hosted a party to celebrate the upcoming weekend. I could kick myself for not bringing my camera. The party was amazing, and the 19 of us that went to Miami were reunited once again.

Friday morning was the Bridesmaid Luncheon. It was so beautiful.

The back porch overlooked an amazing backyard.

Bethany modeled part of our gifts :)

Susannah, Neeley, and Bethany

The Twins!- Sus and Laura

Erica and Tippi

And yes, that is where the photos end. (Even though, there was still the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, rehearsal dance party, wedding, reception, and impromptu gathering at The Mansion.) I cannot wait to see and share more photos. Congratulations Sus and Alex. I love you both so much!

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