Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Dream Child

1.) With my new job, came a new classroom. Instead of being on the third floor (the top floor) of my school, I am now on the second floor. The problem? The classroom above me uses dice... A LOT! And I can hear every. single. time. they roll they. Note: Buy that classroom foam dice for Christmas.

2.) I work with children all day. I love my job, I really do. Yet, I am amazed there are people who take care of children longer than seven hours a day. These people are called parents.

When I do brave the world of parenthood, I want my kids to be:
  • potty-trained
  • clean
  • quiet
  • well-behaved
  • flatulent free
I think these children from Vogue Enfants will do...
"Why yes Mommy, I will walk our dog down our cobblestoned driveway in my perfect outfit."

"Oh, you have a headache, Mommy? We will quiet ourselves by reading under a tree."

"Why yes, even at age six, a finger over the mouth can quiet a baby."

"Of course I practice ballet in a striped blazer!"
Courtesy of Vogue Enfants and Habitually Chic

Who am I kidding? Let me introduce you to my future bean...

Courtesy of Pinterest

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