Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Easter 2016

(Sorry....long post)
Woody began getting ready for Easter by sketching some eggs in his sketch book. I love that his teachers have him keep a sketch book. It reminds me of Nana Jane!

On Tuesday, Brooks and I took the boys to meet the Easter Bunny. Woody fell asleep in the car, and it was everyone's dinner time. Those are my excuses for this awesome photo.

Woody had Easter Chapel on Wednesday. He was so happy to see Momma and Gaines!

He was no happy to listen to the pastor. He turned his body completely away. (We will work on this!)

Somehow, I am co-chairing the craft committee for Vacation Bible School. (I have never even taught, so I don't know how I ended up co-chairing.) I have been trying to test project ideas with the boys. It has been going less than ideal, although I have a lot or the "error" in the whole "trial and error" approach! And the boys have loved it! Here is Gaines after he decided to paint everything he saw with acrylic paint.

Luckily, the other co-chair and my staff liaison have been wonderful and have been having more success than me! It takes a village...I just feel like the village idiot!

Brooks was also gone on Wednesday and Thursday in Nashville. I was nervous about Thursday, because it was going to be our second attempt at taking Woody to the dentist. The first time he wouldn't let them clean his teeth. I wanted to keep things super relaxed for him, so I let him watch his favorite movie, The Peanuts Movie, in the morning. Look at that smile!

They took him back without me. I wanted to cry. Surely he needed me, right? He didn't. Turns out, he did much better with me as a distraction. The staff was amazing and took a lot of pictures for me.

Oh hi, Woody! When did you turn 13?
<Momma sobs>

Friday, Woody had his Easter Party. I signed up at the beginning of the year to volunteer and bring food. And then of course forgot that I had, and committed to sub at his school that day. I hated I would miss everything, but Mimi and Papa were in town, and went instead! (Woody told me he would rather have them there over me. More Momma sobs.) They also took Gaines so he wouldn't have to go to the church nursery. 

 Poor Woody has terrible seasonal allergies. That is why he looks like he has pink eye in these pictures. The same thing happened last year.
Little brother stealing snacks!

Mimi and Papa brought lunch home, and Brooks's great-aunt Molly, and her husband, Uncle Ron stopped by. It was great to see them! Gaines was asleep, so I didn't get any pictures.

On Saturday, we headed to Prattville. We were supposed to go to my parents' church for their Easter Carnival, but it was rained out. We headed to my parents' house for lunch with my siblings, cousins, and grandmother.

It may look like he is cutting grass, but at home he pretends his play lawn mower is a vacuum cleaner.

I'm sure this ended well.

Gippy not wanting his picture taken

But he would sit for candy!

Then they started fighting with my niece, Hollon, over the vacuum lawn mower

What a gentleman

There is a billboard by our house that has an own with glasses. For some reason, Woody is terrified of it, but I guess he made peace with the owl species. 

Changed into clean clothes for the ride back

We made it back for Sunday at Peachtree. We even made it to the early service! It was a beautiful service. It was the last Easter that Dr. Pentz (our pastor) with be at Peachtree. (I am heartbroken over this.) When we proclaim, "He is risen!" we are not just celebrating the fact that we will live eternally with Him, but also celebrating that He is always with us, our Best Friend!

And thank you Instgram, with you I can scroll back and make a nice collage of Easter from the past.

We know that Christ, being raised from the dead, will never die again; 
death no longer has dominion over him.
 Romans 6:9

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