Monday, April 18, 2016


"Hi Everyone. Can't wait to meet you in October."
- Baby Squeak

Surprise! We are more than excited to welcome this sweet baby in the fall. I will be 15 weeks on Thursday, and I am very happy to be out of the first trimester ( sick.) Brooks and I (mostly Brooks) decided that since this will be our final baby, we are once again going to be surprised with the gender. I apologize to friends and family who want to kill me over this! 

I was a bit reluctant to announce until after my 20 week appointment, but, well, I am looking quite pregnant (having a baby every two years will do this to you!) When I was pregnant with Woody, I had very little worries or concerns about the pregnancy. I feel like now I have seen so many friends and family suffer from miscarriages combined with our scare with Gaines, that I am super paranoid. I was shaking at my 12 week appointment, preparing for the worst. But when I feel like I am getting worked up, I love this verse-

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present you requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." 
Philippians 4:6-7

Just typing it makes me relax! I covet your prayers and good thoughts about this pregnancy, which is another reason I wanted to announce it. I cannot wait to decorate another nursery and soak up my last time being pregnant. These are the questions we are asked the most:

Why are you certain this is your last? This will be my third c-section in four years. The doctor explained that women that try to have a 4th c-section often have complications, so we are closing up shop.

Why aren't you finding out the gender? I have done it both ways- knowing and not know. I would not change the fact that we found out with Gaines, but there is something cool about founding out the gender on the baby's birthday. I completely get this is not for everyone, but I an not type-A or a big planner, so I am okay with rolling with this idea.

Are you hoping for a girl? This one probably gets on my nerves the most. I get where people are coming from, you see two boys, and think about a girl. But would a healthy baby boy not be just as amazing? My boys love their momma. I know God will give me whatever I need. But please don't tell me:
"I hope you have a girl."
"You need a girl."
"Brooks needs a girl."
"Are you trying for a girl?"

Baby Squeak? We nickname our babies in utero. This is especially convenient when you don't know the gender. This is our little pipsqueak, or "Squeak" for short. My heart melts every night when Woody says, "And God bless Baby Squeak-Squeak."

What do the boys think? Woody gets it...sorta...but not really. Everyday we get in an argument about whether Squeak is in mine or his belly. Gaines has no clue, bless him.

Where are you going to put this baby? The boys will becoming roommates in the summer, and Squeak will get bedroom number three. Sharing a room build character, right?!

This gem would be our attempt at the boys taking their first picture with their new sibling. Very telling of what I am sure life will be like with three.


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