Tuesday, April 26, 2016

What We Have Been Up To...For the Past Month

The boys are still finding uses for their suitcases from Disney World. 

Woody is way to big for that swing, but he loves it. Mimi and Papa were sweet enough to get the boys a playset, so we are going to work on pumping our legs on a big boy swing. Speaking of legs. please look at the difference between Gaines's legs and Woody's legs!

I could eat him up! Since this picture, we had our driveway busted up and a drain put in, so that water won't puddle up in our driveway. Peepers is devastated that the muddy puddles are gone.

Gaines really let Woody have it...just kidding! Woody's allergies got so bad that his eye got infected. Thankfully, some drops cleared it right up!

We visited my friend, Alli's, sweet new baby Quinn. I can't believe I didn't take any pictures of her. Gaines kept appearing from the basement. This time he had found a festive new hat.

We continue to live on our back deck. 

I had a MOPs playdate at Morgan Falls Park. I took my eyes off Gaines, and the next thing I knew, he was was at the top of the big slide. It is not easy to get up there, so I was pretty impressed that he figured it out and was brave enough to come down! (My pregnant self didn't want to climb up there.)

After bath monsters!

There was a small spider in the hall. Gaines was fascinated watching it...

...until it came down! He sprinted to try and get back in his crib!

This once was an end table.

 Poor Woody had a stomach bug. It kept everyone up one night. No one handled that well.

Feeling better! When Gaines is napping, he will ask, "Can I sit with you and watch a movie?" I happily agree (and usually fall asleep.) And yes, his pants are undone. This is an improvement people, he usually takes off his pants as soon as we walk in.

Savanna has been a life saver and babysat while Brooks and I completed a training at church. She introduced the boys to SnapChat. I laughed so hard at these pictures!

Down by the lake. Gaines is really attached to his bicycle helmet. 

 His self portrait from God's Little Garden

More deck playing. This must have been in the afternoon- they look completely out of it.

 I heard the boys' light sabers going off. I figured they were play fighting, but no, Gaines had both and was swinging them at poor Woody. Excuse the disaster known as a three year old's room.
They pretend to hug.
It is really a choke hold.

Picking Woody up from school...with a too small beanie!

 Woody was too proud (and slightly obsessive and protective) of his puzzle to pose for a silly picture.

Since Gaines usually falls asleep at church, we try to do a family activity right after since he won't be napping. We went to Boat Rock last Sunday. The boys loved it, and I was pretty impressed with them! I am pretty sure it was the best day of Brooks's life.

Last night, Woody had to have a sleep study. It has been an ongoing saga with his snoring and breathing at night, and I have questioned myself ad nauseam whether or not I was making the right decision with going through with this. 

He was so good while we waited to go back. I let him bring some of his favorite books. Of course he brought an alphabet workbook in his stack. In case you are wondering what he is doing with his hand, he has almost taught himself the entire alphabet in sign language. Seriously. 

He was so brave. He had wires all over his little head and two on his chest. He did really well until they tried to put that thing in his nose. That caused him to majorly freak out. After they got him hooked up, and he stopped crying, he said he had to go to the bathroom....

Uggggggggghhhh. I knew I needed to call the nurse, but I couldn't find the call button. There was this blue button behind his bed, but it had a protective cover over it. It seemed a little serious, but I couldn't find any other button and no one was in the hall. So I hit it....and tons of people rush in the room.

Apparently, it was a blue button because it was the 'code blue' button. Whoops. They sniped at me that I was supposed to yell loudly if I needed assistance. Doesn't that seem crazy to yell during a sleep study?

Well, let's just say neither of us did a lot of sleeping, but at 5:00 am, they woke us and told us we could leave. Woody was happy to help rip those wires off his head. He practically ran out of there.

 Needless to say, today was a struggle.

We did manage to make out first purchase for Squeak! I saw it on the exchange for a great price. I have always wanted a Moses Basket and was pumped to score this one. Gippy likes to rock it (somewhat violently.)

Woody was feeling better by this afternoon. His requests for the day were to watch The Peanuts Movie and play outside. Done and done.


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