Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Happenings Around Patches

Have I ever told you the name of our house? His name is Patches. Mostly because I like the song. And Patches has random, patches of collections. (Ahh, see what I did there?)

I've really gotten into a blue theme. I blame Momma. She has a blue kitchen and every time I go home, I try to figure out how to smuggle some of her everyday dishes and sugar jars home. It made me thinking I wanted a blue kitchen...

Turns out I didn't. After one coat, I decided I would just stick to the blue in my countertops and not completely Smurf out my kitchen.

Any suggestions on a color? I am thinking of living on the wild side and going with white. Risk taker I tell ya.

Speaking of suggestions, any ideas on what we should do with this beauty?

Ugh. I can't just rip her out either. The previous owner did some "interesting" wiring that would be major $$$ to take out. So like most things, I plan on putting lipstick on it.


I have asked Brooks to build something like the hood around it. The likely hood of it happening? Eh. So maybe the suggestions should be someone who could build it for me.

Something that is getting ripped out are these bad boys...

(Sorry for the eek lighting)

And they are getting replace with these!!

We ordered these a while back, but they are back-ordered until August. One last update. Aren't my hydrangeas gorgeous?

I use the word "my" very loosely, as these were clearly planted by the previous owner. Apparently, much better at gardening than electrical work.

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