Sunday, June 22, 2014

Ramblings from the Past Week

Not a whole lot words, but a whole lot of pictures. And most are from my phone, so the quality might not be that great.

When Woody hears Gaines get up from a nap, he likes to get in his crib to greet him.

We will add this to the list of things that make Gaines nervous...

This one started out with his head under the bird and tiger. He can really get around by scooting on his back.

Woody has found a new way that Gaines can help him with his tower building...

 And his truck driving...

 And his counting...

On Tuesday we went to a pool play date. My mother-in-law bought these precious outfits for the boys. They have a little growing into them to do.

 (From Left-Right: Burke- Jessica's son, Blakely&Jackson- Alli's kids, Woody- mine, duh, Gracelyn- Catherine's daughter. Gaines was napping during this photo op.)

And selfies are still happening. Along with Woody's crazy curly hair bangs.

On Tuesday night, I enjoyed Ladies Night Out. My dear friend, Jessica (Burke's mom), is moving back to Alabama. I cannot explain how I don't like this news at all and am thinking of lying in front of their moving truck. This was her good-bye dinner.

We all taught together at Lake Forest.
(From Left-Right: Alli ('08-12), Adrienne ('08-present), me ('08-14), Jessica ('08-13), Catherine ('11-13), and Lisa ('11-present)

On Wednesday, we went to Catch Air with Jessica and Burke, and some new friends, Leslie and Alessio.

This next video makes me so sad. Woody had never gone down this slide by himself. And secretly, I loved going down it with him. Right before we were about to climb up together, Woody pushed me back and said, "No, Ma." I had to abide by my own rule- No crying at Catch Air.


Then Minnie Mouse came out for a Dance Party!!!!

My child has obviously perfected his "spin in circles over and over" signature dance move.

The day was clearly exhausting.

During the week, our AC froze up. The bedrooms and a lot cooler than the living room, so we played a lot in Woody's room.

 By Friday, we finally had AC! Wahoo! Gaines woke up early from his afternoon nap. He feel asleep when I was feeding him (which he rarely does), so I knew he was still tired. He ended up sleeping on my bed another two hours! I was so nervous about him sleeping outside of his crib, I just stayed beside him. Luckily, Woody was still sleeping too.

When Woody did wake up, he had some epic hair and a sneezing fit.

And of course, some park action.

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