Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Gaines- Three Months

Gaines Facts
  • Weight: We don't go to the doctor this month, but he doesn't miss meals.
  • Diaper Size:2
  • Clothing Size: 6 months
  • Sleep: About the same as two months. The hardest is putting him down for bed at 7:00. He fights it, and I usually don't get him down until after 8:00. I am going to keep working for around 7:00, because that is when Woody goes to sleep. I like to have a few hours at night for just Brooks and me.
  • Eat: Still eats every three hours. Sometimes even more often. I honestly don't mind though. If he eats a lot during the day, he tends to "tank up" and sleeps more at night. He has gone up to seven hours between feedings at night. He still is 100% breastmilk. This time around, nursing hasn't gone as smoothly. I keep fighting off mastitis. It really stinks, and I hope to keep it from coming back.
  • Generally a very happy baby. He only really cries if he has an upset belly or it is right before bed.
  • Such a smiley guy! He "talks" a lot too.
  • He is a scardy cat! It makes me laugh. He freaks out if you sneeze or he hears a loud noise. The little lip pokes out and then the biggest cry.
  • Likes to sit up and watch his brother. 
  • He also is content to sit in his swing or play on his activity mat. If you want to completely win him over, he likes to be held while you walk and jiggle him...and pat his back...and make the "shhh" sound. No big deal.
  • We were gifted with a BOB Double stroller by my in-laws. I love to walk with the boys in the morning, especially to our neighborhood park. Gaines is content to ride along, but likes to get out and watch his brother play.
  • He has a little birthmark next to his belly button and a freckle on his left shoulder.
  • I love being home with him and Woody. There are times when it is absolutely crazy, and definitely stressful when Brooks has to travel, but I feel that I am where I am supposed to be for this point in my life.

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