Thursday, May 22, 2014

Our Lovely Weekend

It all began last Thursday. Mom e-mailed me at school at lunch time and said that Woody had been throwing up. Woody has never had any kind of stomach illness, so I went home early. When I got home, he was pale and clingy, but I got him some Pedialyte, and by Friday he was back to his usual self. Mom and I even decided that it wasn't a stomach virus, but that he probably just had sinus drainage that was making him sick (because we are MDs and all.)

Then Friday night, Brooks and I planned to enjoy a night of shopping and eating (my two favorite things.) Brooks was in a great mood, then suddenly at dinner he became very quiet...

Time to go home....

Poor guy was so sick all night. I was all prepared to be Nurse Lindsey to him when Mom yells, "Oh no Woody!" He chugged his milk that morning, and it resulted in it coming up all over my rug, couch, and Woody.

Gaines? He only got sick once. It is hard to tell when a baby is sick, but he spit up a lot. He almost never spits up. Plus it had a weird smell to it. He was fine after that thank goodness.

Saturday Vomit Count (TMI?):
Woody- 1, morning milk
Gaines- 1
Brooks- too many times to count

We were supposed to go to a wedding on Saturday, obviously we didn't. Then Sunday came...

And poor, poor Mom. She spent Sunday night in a hotel!Y'all, this thing was evil. (Major knock on wood) I am still ok! I keep waiting for it to hit me, but so far, so good!

I would post pictures, but nobody would want to see our state of being this weekend. 

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