Tuesday, May 6, 2014

One Eye Open

I made it through yesterday. A miracle I tell ya. Apparently, being out for eight weeks with a sub makes children (who are about to go to middle school) forget everything you taught them from August-February. If I say, "Where is my quiet line?" or "Let's be good role models" one more time I am going to lose my mind.

My littles were a welcome sight to see...because they were both asleep when I got home. God Bless Momma. When they woke up we enjoyed some cuddles.

Sweet, right?

Um, no. Try again. These two secretly plotted all day to make my night miserable in retaliation for leaving them.

12:30 am- Gaines wakes up crying. Nurse him, rock him, kiss him. Put him back in bed a little after 1:00 am.
3:30 am- Woody wakes up crying screaming. 
3:35- Gaines wakes up crying. Brooks goes to deal with Woody, I go to Gaines. Nurse him, rock him....he is wide-eyed. I change his diaper, nurse some more...

.....Woody continues to scream even though Brooks has let him come to our bed.

3:45- Text Brooks to get Woody Tylenol. Gaines is smiling away, ready to begin his day!
4:05- Sorry Gaines. You gotta go to bed. You too Woody. I am not sure what happened to Gaines, but I guess he put himself to sleep because I didn't hear him.
4:15- Woody is really TO'ed. Mom gets up with Woody and lets him watch cartoons. He continues to scream. Brooks tries walking with him.
4:30- Jokes! Woody is still screaming. Brooks puts him back in bed. I put four pillows over my head and our duvet. I figure if I suffocate, it would be a good time to go (maybe why I never heard Gaines?)
5:00- Alarm goes off. Hilarious. 
5:15- Second alarm. Still hilarious.
5:30- Third alarm. The "get your act together or you will be late" alarm.

Yay for Day Two!
On my second Coke Zero.


  1. Hang in there! Hope the end of your school year goes well and you get into a better schedule with the boys letting you sleep more at night. Do you teach 5th? If so, I do, too! :)


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