Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

My second Mother's Day! I had one baby on my first Mother's Day, two on my second Mother's Day, but we will be retiring this pattern. Mother's Day is very special because it is also my momma's birthday! On Saturday, my parents, brother's family, and sister's family all met in Birmingham to celebrate our wonderful mother. These pictures are all out of order, but I don't have the patience to fix them. And beware, it is a lot of pictures.

Maddox (9), Jake (5), and Marrell "Momo" (5)
The three oldest cousins. Can you handle Momo's sass?

She is going to hate me for this picture one day! Her sister was being mean to her, and she  needed some momma love.

Woody thought he could climb the rock wall as well as the older kids. He obviously can.

Gran, Woody (22 months), Jake (5), Gaines (2 months), Maddox (9), Marrell (5), Nana
Gran and Nana with their five grandkids! #6 will be here in late August/early September!

Such a special picture! My brother, William Alton, holding Gaines Alton.

We were so proud of the boys for doing so well on the drive to Birmingham. The ride back? Different story. Woody has been fighting a cold, was hungry and tired. And it was Gaines' witching hour. Before we got out of Alabama, we had to make three stops to try and console one of the two. At one point, I look behind, and Woody had spit out all of the chicken I had been trying to feed him and dumped apple juice down his shirt. We pulled over to change his clothes and without thinking, put my barefoot child down in a gas station parking lot. At another stop I was nursing Gaines (who also had to have a diaper and outfit change due to a potty accident) and look behind to see Woody chewing on his feet (remember- the gas station?) Let's all take a moment to throw up.

We made it home, but neither of the two were really down with the idea of sleeping. I have learned not to pray for sleep, simply to pray that I bring comfort to my children, and that God somehow give me the energy to make it another day. And sometimes I pray for self-cleaning houses.

Holding babies in the wee hours of Mother's Day brings all types of emotions that make me leery of Publix commercials. I think of my own mother, who sacrificed so much to give my siblings and me everything we ever needed and more. I think of the times I was ugly and bratty toward her and am thankful for the grace she showed me, and still does to this day.

I think of my mother-in-law, who gave me my incredible husband. The woman who raised him to be loving, caring, and tender to his wife and children. And taught him how to do chores and not complain about them.

I think of my sister. Who is carrying her baby girl in her belly this Mother's Day. The baby she wanted for so long, and how thankful we all are for God giving her this baby. My sister, who sometimes was another mother for me, and now one of my role models in raising children.

I think of my friends who had children before I did. How I thought they were crazy with their obsession with their children. Now I realize how "sane" and "normal" they are. The phrase Momma Bear is a very real thing.

I think of those longing for children. Many who have opened their hearts to my sons. I pray that God gives them their own, and in my own, imperfect way, can show them how grateful I am for the influence they have in my children's lives.

I think of Woody and Gaines. My biggest blessings that I never knew I needed, but could never live without. I thank God for you two and hope that I bless your lives like you bless mine. I am so proud to be your momma.

Happy Mother's Day

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