Thursday, May 15, 2014

Motherhood is Awesome (Most of the Time)

Everything is awesome about motherhood. Except sleep. That part really stinks about motherhood.

But it is getting better!

I have long since lost my Mother of the Year Award, but I feel I can trust you with my dirty little secret...

...Woody watches TV to avoid meltdowns. I know, I know. But breastfeeding a baby while trying to do a puzzle with Woody ain't easy. And Mickey Mouse and Curious George are so darn funny. And they teach him awesome dance moves.

Like spinning in a circle over and over.

Woody is a fan of few words. Most of his communication comes in the form of yelling random sounds. But when he finishes dinner, he always says, "Ah Duh." (All Done)

He is a big fan of selfies.

And I am a fan of baseball caps that cover my unwashed hair.

My oldest delight is also the best big brother. He fills little brother's Pack 'n Play with surprises to cheer him up.

And he kisses him with mouthfuls of food.

Peepers here makes my heart so full. I am concerned with how seldom he blinks though.

Should I be concerned? I will be back soon with Peepers two month update!!

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